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Is my name... My day job is not a journalist. And I don't run a travel agency. I travel a tad more than an average person does, that's cos it's what I do for a living. For the time being at least. Envy me not cos the job glitz goes just as far as the Image hosting by Photobucket does, in between, it's (*7%!#@@?). Just another job, that's what I mean. But I love it and I love it, and I'm grateful. Anyhow, welcome to my weblog. In here, you'll get, if not little, scanty info on my globetrots and travels. Do not expect detailed accounts, nor travel-guide type facts and figs. Just some idiot-proof, Info-Sharing-101, you could find handy if you're looking up destinations, I've been to, myself. Feel free to indulge, heed my advice, dump it, comment, pop your queries or judge me, for all you fancy. All info are true at point of publishing, unless stated otherwise. Hmmph, just one advice. I share cos I'm naturally nice like that, but I'm not always, always right. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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Capital city of Maldives.
Group of atolls in Indian Ocean.
Location: Southern Asia, South-southwest of India.
Flight time: Approximately 6hrs from Singapore Changi Airport.
Climate: Tropical; hot, humid; dry,(November to March);
rainy,(June to August).
Ethnic groups: South Indians, Sinhalese, Arabs.
Currency: US$.
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*Down Under*
Brighton Beach, Melbourne. South of St Kilda. Bright and strikingly colored bathing boxes, line the beaches. These bathing boxes, used also for the storage of clothes and sometimes small water crafts, are private change rooms. Found mainly on Brighton and on the beaches of the Mornington Peninsula.

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*Down Udder*
Christchurch, Nz. Mt Hutt, opens from early May until late October. One of the longest seasons ski resorts in New Zealand. The road to the mountain base is not for the faint-hearted but once there, you will experience world-class skiing, and breath-taking views. Elevation is 2075 metres, with 365 hectares of ski terrain.

*Almost Image hosting by Photobucket-ous*

"Fame costs, and right here is where you start paying."
Driven by that fame-ous motto, a group of talented youths attended the New York High School of Performing Arts, to uncover the true price of FAME.
Running Time:
2 hours 40 minutes
The Aldwych Theatre, London.
Nearest Underground: Covent Garden
Nearest Rail: Charing Cross
If u're into dancy-disco-jiving,this musical is rhetorically,
It's an Ultimate


- Sarojini Nagar
Clothes,ethnic footwear and accessories. Factory rejects, baring labels from Zara, MNG, Miss Selfridge and Style&Co...Good luck with the rummaging though!
- Delhi Hutt
Bric-a-Brac. Cheap and bargainable ornaments.

*Sweetdreams my LAX*

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*CLICK HERE* for an excerpt from a travel memoir by Tom Brosnahan. If I could have his dialectology, those will be my exact words too.
*Shopaholic and Sister*
We did not kill each other.
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*Shopaholic in Manhattan*
What do shopaholics do in NEW YORK?
Go figure.

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Please... This is NOT a travel guide. So read and heed at your own risk. I will not be held liable for your holiday plans that go bust on you and neither should any part of this blog be excerpted without prior permission. Like I've mentioned, I'm usually nice, but I'm ONLY, usually nice.

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Saturday, September 01, 2007


..... till later.

Dear Bloggerittas, and our male equivalent all,
I thank you, for your readership at my constant gallivants and debilitating my tongue in random thoughts. Blogging initially was my purgative alternate to retail therapy and vallium. However, I am seeking hiatus for now for I have been far beneath my zenith and it seemed for now an option, for me to steer back on track. I am thoroughly appreciative for some very precious friendship that have blossomed, for keeps every bit of it. The telephone line works both ways, and there's also email. So please, let's stay in touch. Take care all, and till later yah?
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